Welcome to The Obsidian Society


The Obsidian Society, founded in November 1987, is a community of African American evangelical Christian women and men representing a wide diversity of denominations within the United States. The black scholars and  leaders have joined together in order to develop greater mutual competence in ministry in North America and abroad.

 The founding of the society reflects an awareness that traditional avenues of service available to Anglo believers have not always been open to non-Anglos, or when open have proved to be of lesser effectiveness than is useful in impacting distinct ethnic communities with the Gospel.

 The Obsidian Society is committed to enabling, equipping and empowering its members for leadership roles in their communities and in a broader global context. Additionally, The Obsidian Society is committed to involving emerging and senior black leaders in the process of kingdom servant-hood.

The Changing Face of Evangelicalism

Dr. William E. Pannell, President

Fuller Theological Seminary

Dr. Richard L. Gray, Exec. Director

Asbury Theological Seminary